App Referral Cash (ARC)
Reward Program
Our Way of Saying Thanks!
You are doing something great, the people who download your app can see that you are serious about engaging with them.  At the same time, you are expanding their awareness of how effective our mobile engagement app solutions are to others who really need to connect, inform and grow.

We want give you a $50 cash reward for taking time to share how easy it was for you to have your mobile engagement app developed by the team at Wireless 1 Marketing Group, and how they can do the same.  Complete the form below to enroll.
How It Works:

- Complete Enrollment Form.

- You will receive a confirmation email with access to our ARC Reward Program Center, which allows you to track your commission rewards.

- We will update your app with a " App Developed By" Tab.  This where you direct referrals to complete the form to initiate the process for them to contact Wireless 1 Marketing Group.

- Once the person you refer has subscribed and their app is approved by iTunes your commission payment will be deposited to your PayPal account or applied to any balance on your App Subscription account.
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